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It’s not always in your best interest to accept the insurance company’s offer or settlement. Their goal is to save every penny they can. Your goal is to get everything you need to rebuild your home or business, and your life. Our role as your public adjuster is to make sure that YOUR goals, not the insurance company’s, are met.

Have Home Damage or Commercial Property Damage? We Can Help You!

Call today and we’ll evaluate your storm damage situation and go over your options. Don’t risk having hurricane or storm damage to your roof or property. Often damage can not be seen from the ground. Let an expert take a look and give you a professional opinion. A SWAT Public Adjusting Firm is the only licensed person who can help you outside of an attorney to negotiate your storm damage claim.

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InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspectors

Owner, David J. Belanger is a InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector as well as a Licensed Public Adjuster. Our team has completed hundreds of storm damage investigations across the country, improving clients claims by many millions of dollars over the years.

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Licensed Public Adjusters

When it comes to evaluating your storm damages, rely on a Public Adjuster at SWAT Public Adjusting Firm We work for you not the insurance companies! Remember that when you are talking to us – our goal is to make sure that you are paid for the damages you have suffered.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Us…

When it comes to submitting and negotiating insurance claims – the unfamiliar terms, what your rights are, the contracting process – it can be overwhelming.
You’re NOT on a level playing field with an experienced insurance company. That’s why you need to speak to us. As public adjusters, we work for YOU…

“After getting nowhere with the insurance company and their adjusters, I called SWAT Public Adjusting Firm The insurance company offered a settlement that was just below our deductible, so we would not be receiving anything. We knew this was not fair, but were getting no where with the adjuster.

Jerry and his team jumped into action and met face to face with the adjuster and his supervisor. After showing them all the damage that they missed, he sought out qualified and reliable contractors for the work, gathered their proposals and went back to the insurance company. He was relentless and continued to work on our behalf.

The end result was a settlement of over $289K. The work is done, the contractors were great and we have our home back! Without Jerry and his team, we would never have had the outcome we had hoped for.”

5 Star Review For Swatjob.com | SWAT - A Public Adjusting Firm

Ronnie G


“I was referred to SWAT Public Adjusting Firm because my insurance company was refusing to cover hail damage to my commercial property even though every other building in the commercial district had reported damage and their insurance companies were covering with no issues.

SWAT Public Adjusting Firm stayed on top of my insurance company, made sure to keep me up to date every week, and eventually were successful in obtaining a settlement with the insurance company.

Before, meeting Dave, I never knew that public insurance adjusters existed. If it weren’t for his team of dedicated individuals with their customer’s interest in mind, I wouldn’t be able to perform the repairs on business that was desperately needed after the storm.

I highly recommend SWAT Public Adjusting Firm to anyone who’s insurance company is not coming through for them.”

5 Star Review For Swatjob.com | SWAT - A Public Adjusting Firm

Danielle T


We Always Put Your Best Interests First

Storm damage, theft, vandalism, arson, business closures happen after a major disaster – we believe you are entitled to every penny of your insurance claim. Period – End of Story.


When you call a SWAT Public Adjusting Firm, you speak directly with a service representative
– any time, no recording. We provide immediate assistance if you discover you
have found any storm damage in your home or business.

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